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Useful Advices

If you know these, your trip will become easier and more fun.


1. Take off your shoes or footwear when you enter pagodas and other religious places

It is necessary to take off your shoes when entering religious pagodas or monasteries and you can bring your shoes by packing your footwear while visiting inside. So you should take a plastic bag with you and some pagodas have storage for your footwear.


2. Never point with your feet at the Buddha.

It is considered as the rude and disrespectful manner.


3.   The common language in Myanmar is Burmese.

Not every Burmese can speak in English and the thing to note is that numbers in Myanmar are not Roman numerical, but Burmese. If you take local bus or long-distance overnight buses to travel, you will realize when you look for the bus.

You should also carry a hotel business card with you to show it to your taxi driver. If you need help in getting your addresses or directions, you can have a local person write it for you in Burmese language to show for the place.


4. Try not to eat or pass things with your left hand

It is considered as a rude manner when you use your left hand to offer things as the left hand is known as the hand that assists in using toilet.


5. The essential two Burmese words you need to know

မဂၤလာပါ (Min Ga La Ba): Hello!
ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါတယ္ (Kyay Zuu Tin Ba Dal): Thank you.
Thse two words are good expressions to know when you travel anywhere in Myanmar.


6. Using cash only

It is necessary to pay in cash in all transactions. On the other hand, you can use the dollars for large purchases such as long distance bus, flight and hotel bill. Use kyats for smaller local transactions like entrance fees, taxi fees, food and drink and shopping.


7.  Clean your cash in advance

It is important to keep your cash clean as the Burmese are extremely particular about the quality of your U.S dollars. When you exchange your money, the more regarded places are airport, hotels and guesthouses.


8. You can find ATMs

Although ATMs are not still anywhere, they are becoming more common in these days.


9. How to get around in Myanmar

Travelling in Myanmar is becoming easier than before. There are taxis, cars, buses and you can also get around on foot. In specific cities, there are some different matters like horse-drawn carriage.