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Key Information

 Visa and Passport: If you are not one of the visa free countries to enter, you would require to apply visa before visiting to Myanmar. E-visa and visa on arrival are available for the international travellers. To check the visa fees, processing, waiting time and most updated and accurate information regarding with Myanmar visa, please visit to government official websites: and

For family travel, please note that each child over 7 mentioned on the parents’ passport must have an individual visa. It is also recommended that you should take with you a copy of the family booklet.

When preparing your trip, the visa for Myanmar will be the most important administrative formality to perform. The good thing is that it is less complicated than it seems to deal with it.

To enter Myanmar, a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of intended departure is required by all nationals.

Emergency Number

Police: 199

Fire Department: 191

Ambulance: 192

Tourism Police Offices: 01-379991, 09-448539519

Security Most tourists have a good experience regarding with security in Myanmar. Please see below our tips about safety during your trip:

-Please use the registered cabs and taxi services if you are independent traveler. Grab and other taxi services are available in Myanmar and it is considered safe to use them.
-Whenever you need to open your wallet in public, avoid exposing big cash notes.
-Do not carry large amounts of cash in your wallet, purse or bag. Take only small amounts in the country’s currency for daily expenditures.
-Avoid leaving with important documents and, if you have more than one credit card, take only one. In case your credit card gets stolen, you will have another card for future spending.
-Leave your passport where you are staying and take only a certified copy of it.
-Use the safe where you are staying, if the place has one, to keep your money, original passport, credit cards and other important items.-
-Avoid walking through empty places or neighborhoods indicated as dangerous by the local residents. This advice is especially important in large cities and to people who are travelling alone.-
-Be wary of people who offer a ride in a non-registered cab, at the airport or in any other location.
-If you go to the beach, don’t leave your belongings in the sand while you go into the water.< -If you rent a car, don’t leave any luggage or bags visible inside. If this is unavoidable, try to park the vehicle in a safe place, where there is policing.

Electricity The electricity voltage in Brazil is 230V and mostly used two pin plugs. Many hotels offer wall sockets in both voltages, and it is easy to find portable voltage transformers in shops.

 WeatherMyanmar has three seasons throughout a year: Summer, Monsoon season and winter. However, it is relatively a big country to have different day temperatures across the country. It can rain 50% and above for a day in rainy season.

Summer: February to May

Rainy Season: June to September

Winter: October to January

Myanmar has warm and rainy weather in general and visitors are highly advised to bring an umbrella to protect from Sun and Rain. Average Temperature in Major cities like Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyidaw is about 30˚C except for some days in winter. Highland regions like Taunggyi, Kalaw has temperature of about 24˚C and lower in average.


Even though it is not for majority of visitors, the most common health issue for tourists visiting to Myanmar is diarrhoea and it is advised to take the vaccine for it before you visit to Myanmar so that you can enjoy the local street foods more easily. Other recommended vaccines to take before travelling to Myanmar are for those prevent Hepatitis B, Malaria, and Yellow Fever. Birth-control options may be limited, so bring adequate supplies of your own form of contraception.

Another environmental health hazard during Myanmar visit in summer month is heat. Travellers are recommended to keep themselves hydrated and covered from direct sun to prevent them from heat stroke.

Using mosquito repellents or any other preventative measures from mosquitos are well recommended to avoid exposure to mosquitos.

TelecommunicationMobiles and internet communication are well used in Myanmar and it is easily accessible to internet. It is relatively cheap to buy a mobile SIM card in Myanmar with about 1500 Myanmar Kyats (about USD 1.00) at many shops and airports in Myanmar.  Country code of Myanmar is +95.