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Bagan Travel

Bagan is the most magical and popular tourist hotspot in Myanmar with the rich archaeological heritage in South East Asia. It is famous for thousands of ancient temples built during 11th -13th Century. Bagan is endorsed to be having one of the most amazing sunrise and sunset view by travellers. Riding hot-air balloon over thousands of ancient temples to admire the picturesque view is highly popular in Bagan. It is now on its way to be UNESCO cultural heritage. Ancient temples can offer you the rich history and interesting architectural concepts used in old times. Travellers will be amazed by its wonderful history and interesting stories of each temple.

If you love culture and history, it is a MUST place to go because you surely will have great time there. Bagan represents the glory of Burmese ancient kingdom.


Yangon Travel

Yangon is a symbol of neon lights and multi-cultural diversity. When you visit Yangon, you will either feel you are either in 19th century era due to its well-maintained and still in used colonial buildings or one of the most modernized cities with its high end restaurants, bars and shopping malls.  Shwedagon pagoda, one of the most sacred Buddhist religious sites in the world, is also located in Yangon and it is the No.1 place to visit in whole Myanmar as well. This gigantic golden pagoda is the most famous and iconic landmark of the country.

You won’t want to miss visiting Yangon as it has many famous pagodas, is cultural yet modern at the same time.

If you love culture and history, it is a MUST place to go because you surely will have great time there. Bagan represents the glory of Burmese ancient kingdom.


Mandalay Travel

Mandalay is believed to be cultural centre of Myanmar. Mandalay and towns around it (Ava, Amarapura, Mingun) contain a wealth of significant monuments which can amaze travellers well with their authentic cultural artefacts. It is the last loyal capital of Burma, Myanmar, the last independent Burmese kingdom. It is a city whose significant charms need to be uncovered. But if you take the time to explore, there is much to be enjoyed, including many temples, monasteries and markets, as well as great street food and panoramic views from Mandalay Hill.


Pyin Oo Lwin Travel

PYIN OO LWIN is just 2-3 hours drive away by car from Mandalay, but climate and scenery is quite different. Pine trees and other subtropical vegetation dot the landscape among English style houses and gardens. In the city centre, with its Clock Tower and old shop houses, the colorful horse drawn carriages are still the preferred mode of transport. Due to its climates, Pyin Oo Lwin is referred to Flower Town of Myanmar. This place can offer you fresh air, mountainous view and peaceful cozy little town feeling. Beautiful waterfalls and trekking activities are waiting for the explorers.


Pindaya Travel

PINDAYA is well known for its caves lodging in excess of 8000 Buddha statues, the most seasoned dating to the late 1700’s. It is still unknown how they all arrived. Majority of those Buddha images are somewhere around several years of age while others are late increments. They have been set so that they shape an entry through the caves. Pindaya is encompassed by some exceptionally beautiful landscape. Pindaya can offer you real hiking experience as the highest mountain peak of Shan state in Myanmar is located there. Adventure seekers and hiking lovers should give a try.

Inle 1

Inle Lake Travel

Inle Lake is located at the Shan state, Myanmar and is a shallow fresh water lake where the entire community of villages, floating farms, markets, pagodas, monastery exist.

Travellers can expect to see coasting tomatoes fields around the lake, patio nurseries of blossoms appropriately tied down to the lake bed with bamboo posts. The warm welcome of the locals and villagers at Inle Lake and their everyday life exercises zest things up for guests that they can appreciate a charming landscape of  the lake yet appreciate the friendliness of the local community. Take a boat ride through floating gardens and villages on stilts, visit silk-and lotus weaving workshop and other places for local crafts.

It is not a should skip item when you visit to Myanmar. Taking a traditional tea leaf salad with hot tea and enjoying the amazing scenery of the lake will make your day perfect.


Ngapali Beach Travel

One of the most stunning beaches in South East Asia yet still remains hidden at the west cost of Myanmar. It is a perfect quiet and tranquil place to relax and unwind. An elephant sanctuary is there for the animal lovers. Trekking activities nearby mountains is also a trending tour activity in Ngapali. If you are someone who want to chill at a slow pace of life, blue sea, long sandy beach, and beautiful sunset, Ngapali is the beach for you.

If you love culture and history, it is a MUST place to go because you surely will have great time there. Bagan represents the glory of Burmese ancient kingdom.


Kalaw Travel

Kalaw is the Switzerland of Myanmar, high up in western Shan State, a laid back environment, invigorating atmosphere and beautiful scneries. A large number of Kalaw’s unique colonial structures remain, and it is otherwise called Myanmar’s trekking mecca.

Kalaw is the destination for you whether you want to walk around to splash up the air and take in some slope sees and the bright bloom lined avenues, or a more extended multi-day trek to Inle Lake or Pindaya to see wild nature slope clans, Kalaw offers a wide assortment of alternatives.


Mergui Archipelago (Myeik & Kawthaung) Travel

Mergui archipelago is an undeniable beauty with crystal clear water, idyllic sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs, thousands of sea urchins and tropical fishes. It is the world’s last remaining great archipelago which remains still untouched. It is the perfect paradise for the islands hopper and sea lovers who enjoy snorkelling and diving activities. Many interesting and uniquely beautiful islands like Cockcomb island, Horseshoe island, etc are there waiting for the explorers.


Hispaw Travel

Hispaw is a hilly town perfect for a cool retreat in relaxing atmosphere or for trekking activities in exotic nature with breath-taking views for the adventurers. Within a stone’s throw, this remote town boasts natural hot springs and waterfalls to charm travellers. Taking a boat trip along the river banks is also highly recommended by the travellers. Interestingly, Hsipaw was once a capital with Royal palace where the true story about “Twilight over Burma” novel occurred. Hispaw is a place for cultural, history, adventure and chilling atmosphere. It is small yet all in one package for travellers to explore.